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We want to help any entrepreneurs, small businesses, property owners, investors, established (or new) brand or artisans to sell their crafts, wares, goods, products to direct buyers over the Internet by using our *FREE* e-Commerce that is available at no monthly cost to all vendors (or inventory buyers). We're seeking buyers/purchasers for inventory control and funding operations; whom will receive special discounts for goods/merchandise on bulk orders.

Why Us?

We believe that commerce is powered by people. In our vision, people must be freely able to trade, buy, sell and transact.. just as efficiently as a corporation. We help you store & ship your goods. We're open to additional standard, warm & cold warehousing in the future, please get in touch with your customs brokerage/warehouse/location (detailed info)!

How We Do It?

I, "Jim Semple" am the founder of Pomerce™. I have a registered food importer license (with the Canadian government) for USA imports, etc. with established connections to a supply chain/logistics warehouse in St. Thomas, Ontario (Canada). After establishing an organics "Harvest Club" (and Nuorgana brand) several years ago with local farmers, I was able to acquire Pomerce.com and transfer some intellectual property (IP/software assets) over to Pomerce from Nuorgana (which will be re-branding to a new household/consumer brand of Pomerce, stay tuned) but for now... I'm looking to partner with not-for-profit organizations such as military/veterans, churches and other philanthropic foundations to distribute food/goods to homes across Canada, to the USA and eventually worldwide.

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