Personal Commerce

Register to source, partner, sell and earn: We help individuals sell their goods to direct buyers and to connect with vendors, suppliers, affiliates and supply chains for distribution/warehousing. more



Personalized Commerce.


We believe that commerce is powered by people. In our vision, people must be freely able to trade, buy, sell and transact.. just as efficiently as a corporation. We help you store & ship your goods.


We want to help any entrepreneurs, small businesses, property owners, investors, established (or new) brand or artisans to sell their crafts, wares, goods, products to direct buyers. Read some more specific info for vendors & buyers!


You must have a valid drivers license, and permanent access to a vehicle. We need couriers to transport goods between storage locations, and a percentage of those couriers for last-mile-delivery to the end customer.


We require criminal background checks for individual suppliers, inventory buyers, and couriers must have no prior convictions (for which you've not been pardoned). We believe people are mostly good by a default stance, but are not taking any chances with such valuable property & freight. All goods must be lawful, and are legally binding with valid purchase orders & delivery contracts.

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